Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Mike Osmond  /  October 7, 2014

Winter is coming and triathlon season is over for most of us. A long season often leaves us feeling physically and mentally tired. Take some time off to recharge your batteries, but now that your training load has dropped, use the extra time to freshen up mentally and physically so that you’re ready for a solid off-season training block.

How is your flexibility and mobility? If you are about as flexible as a steel drum, try some yoga or Pilates this winter. You might think that yoga is only for bendy people. But in fact it’s perfect for those who aren’t! Use the winter to develop a stretching routine, and you can gain extra running speed simply by increasing your stride length with greater flexibility.

We’ve all had those mornings when you’ve planned to go for a ride only to wake up and find it teeming with rain outside. You know you should be doing strength and core training. But it’s generally the first thing dropped from your training program when life gets busy or you’re tired. A few months of strength and core training over the winter will pay real dividends when next summer rolls around.

Although the weather in the Bay Area seldom really prevents us from riding outside on weekends, the weekdays can be put to good use with the use of spin classes or a stationary trainer. Targeted sessions on a trainer can be used to increase strength and power on the bike, and really provides solid returns for the time invested.

So put those winter months to good use, and improve your performances in 2015.