Burgess & Belle Haven Pools Closed Until Further Notice
The Menlo Park City Council has taken emergency action and is ceasing all community services at all city facilities. Links to official city information can be found here.

Lap Swim Burgess Pool

About Lap Swimming

Lanes are dedicated to Lap Swimming in the Performance Pool and the Instructional Pool seven days per week year-round with a lifeguard on duty at all times. We observe circle swimming when there are more than two swimmers per lane. The number of lanes for Lap Swimming varies according to scheduled activities in each pool, but during the times below, you will find designated lap lanes. Look for the yellow cones on deck.

Open Swimming for Lap Swimmers
If you are registered to pay for laps monthly, you can come to Open Swim any time. Choose to swim laps or play with your kids—your time in the pool is already paid for. Even drop-in fees are good all day for both Laps and Open Swim.

Schedule & Pricing for Burgess Pool Lap Swim


Winter/Spring Season
January 1st – June 7th, 2020

Monday – Thursday: 6:00am – 8:00pm
Friday: 6:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am – 4:00pm
Sunday: 7:30am – 4:00pm

Members Only Lap Swimming:

Saturday 6:00am – 7:30am
Sunday 7:00am – 7:30am

Swim Pro Lessons and Summer Open Swim Space
Lap swimmers may be affected by Swim Pro lessons because a lap lane is reserved for our Swim Pro students. During summer, we extend our Open Swim hours to create more room for recreational swimming. Lap swim lanes may be reduced during busy Open Swim hours. Thank you for understanding that our entire community is anxious to share limited and valuable pool space.

Annual memberships are valid January through December 2019 and allow unlimited access to your favorite Menlo Swim and Sport programs! Starting February 1st Annual Memberships are no longer offered. Choose to concentrate in one area or expand your options and add an additional program membership for 35% off any equal or lesser value (DOES NOT apply to Early Bird Special pricing). Register early and enjoy greater savings!

Menlo Park Resident Lap / Open Swim:
$50 per month – register today!
$142 per quarter – register today!
$540 per year – register today!

Drop-in: $7 per visit

Non-Resident Lap / Open Swim:
$58 per month – register today!
$165 per quarter – register today!
$626 per year – register today!

Drop-in: $8 per visit

Senior / Student Discount 25%:
Seniors are ages 65 and older. To be eligible for student rates, you must be enrolled full time at an accredited high school, secondary, or vocational school. To register with senior/student discounts, please contact the Service Center by phone at (650) 781-5525 or by email: customerservice@menloswim.com. Senior/Student discounts applied to regular annual, quarterly, monthly, and daily drop in rates.

Give us a try!
Only $25 for 5 days! If you want to see what we’re all about and why we are unique compared to other local fitness programs, please come to a week of classes and check it out. Meet our instructors in action and try five days of classes for only $25. Applies to Menlo Fit, Lap Swimming, Open Swim, and Aqua Fit Water Fitness. Register with this special in our Service Center, (650) 781-5525.

If you would like to cancel your Lap Swimming membership completely, please fill out the online Cancellation Form. Cancellation requests may also be taken in person through the Service Center, (650) 781-5525. Cancellation requests must be submitted by the 15th of current month to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following month.

Coaches / Instructors

If you would like to master your free-style swimming techniques, and learn ways to improve your swim strokes, we can provide private one-to-one sessions through our Swim Pro program. To learn more please visit our Swim Pro page.

Policies and Frequently Asked Questions


Conduct Safety
Please help ensure a great experience for everyone. Before you send your young swimmers to the pool, be aware that we wish to maintain high standards for conduct with emphasis on safety. We encourage behavior that is respectful and mature, and our guards will enforce safety rules with regard to running on deck, roughhousing and courtesy.

Guest Code of Conduct(updated 03/28/2015) English Spanish
Pool Rules(updated 07/28/2015) English Spanish

Children 5 years and under must have a parent/guardian in the pool, within arm’s reach at all times.
Children 6 – 12 years must have a parent/guardian on the pool deck supervising them, unless they are attending a registered class or program.

Diaper policy: Double up
Help us keep the pools open by using both a disposable swim diaper and reusable diaper cover for your children who are not fully toilet-trained. Purchase at the front desk: disposable diaper $3, reusable diaper cover $8.

Lap Swimming during Open Swim
Adults who pay for Open Swim are welcome to swim laps during Open Swim times without paying extra fees. Alternatively, you can register and pay for Lap Swim membership on a monthly basis which automatically gives you all day access to the pools.