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Burgess Pool Calendars
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Belle Haven Pool Calendar
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These schedules are PDF calendars showing all the activities in the pools for a week. We have two pools with space designated for each program each day.

Pool Limitations: Cookie Swim Meet
The Performance Pool will be hosting the Cookie Swim Meet for the Menlo Aquatics team on Saturday, August 19th from 10:00am – 12:30pm. Lanes 1-6 will be in use during this time period. Please advise.

Baby Pool Closed for Season on Monday, August 21st
The Baby Pool will be closed starting Monday, August 21st for the rest of the year.

Pool Temperatures Lowered 3 Degrees on Monday, August 21st
We will be lowering the temperature on all of our pools by 3 degrees on Monday, August 21st in an effort to conserve during the eclipse. We are responding to a request of the California Public Utilities Commission to help conserve energy during this rare eclipse. You can read more information here.

Instructional Pool (the warm pool): 87 degrees, 6 lanes at 25 yards
Performance Pool (the cool pool): 80 degrees, 11 lanes at 25 yards
More about the Burgess Pool facility. Guest Code of Conduct (updated 11/10/14) and Pool Rules (updated 11/10/14).