Easy online registration is available for most Menlo Swim and Sports programs. If you have any questions about registering for any of our programs, please call the Service Center at (650) 781-5525.

About Registration/Log In

Menlo Swim and Sport has two registration systems. Use Links to register for Menlo Swim School (swim lessons). All other programs register with Mindbody. Read on for additional registration details!

Youth Program Registration
Adult Program Registration – Overview
Adult Program Registration – Program Links

Payment Information per Program:
Swim School: Automatic recurring monthly payments! Currently enrolled students enjoy the same day/time time-slot(s) every month. To cancel simply submit a cancellation request by the last day of current cycle (month/quarter) to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following billing cycle.

Menlo Aquatics: Automatic recurring monthly payments! Choose number of practices per week your swimmer plans to attend. To cancel simply submit a cancellation request by the last day of current cycle (month/quarter) to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following billing cycle.

Team Sheeper is proudly working with the Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation to provide Youth Scholarships for families who are underserved. For more information and to see if you qualify please fill out this form.

Check-In at Burgess Pool
Burgess Pool at Menlo Swim & Sport features a check-in system requiring either a check-in card or our smartphone app to gain access to our facilities. You can download the iPhone App for Apple & the Android App for Android users by clicking the blue links.

Youth Program Registration

How do I choose a Swim School/Menlo Aquatics level? Evaluations!
Levels are clearly defined for Menlo Swim School, Menlo Aquatics and Water Polo. New students/team members need a quick in-water evaluation before you can choose a level during the registration process. To be evaluated, please make an appointment for an evaluation by registering online or by calling our Service Center at (650) 781-5525. Bring a swimsuit, towel and goggles, and have your swimmer ready to get in the water at evaluation time.

Menlo Swim School
Register online or call our Service Center at (650) 781-5525. For any questions regarding placement for Levels 1, 2, 3 and the stroke levels, read our FAQ’s here.

Menlo Aquatics Swim
Wednesdays: 6:30pm

Menlo Aquatics/Mavericks Swim: All swimmers who haven’t recently attended Menlo Swim School and prior Mavericks who have been away for the program for six months need an evaluation.  > more

Menlo Mavericks Polo
Monday – Friday: 4:00pm

How do I register for Camp Menlo?
Visit the Camp Menlo page to view details and registration information for the desired camp of your choice. No evaluations are required for camp.

Adult Program Registration – Overview
Registration for adult programs is streamlined and easier than ever! We offer the option of registering for a single sport/activity, and now you can create your own combination plan just for your schedule. Interested in Masters plus Water Polo? We have that! How about Aqua Fit plus Lap Swimming? That too! Multi-sport athletes will enjoy our new All-Access Pass, which includes Triathlon Team, Menlo Fit, Masters swim, Aqua Fit, Tattersols Running Team, Lap and Open Swim, all for one low monthly price. All memberships have the option of monthly, quarterly and annual registrations.

Payment Information per Program:
Aqua Fit, Lap Swimming, Water Polo: Automatic, recurring payments monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Camp Menlo, Pro Lessons, Safety Academy: Session-based or class-based payments with choice of times according to program offering. No pro-rated payments.
Open Swim: Daily drop-in fees and Summer Open Swim passes are available for a one-time charge for an individual or family.
Masters Swimming and Adult Triathlon: Register for the following programs, choosing automatic recurring payments monthly, quarterly, or annually:
Menlo Masters Swimming
Team Sheeper Triathlon

Adult Program registration by specific program
Please call the Service Center (650) 781-5525 if you don’t see the membership option you are seeking.