About Menlo Swim & Sport

The Menlo Swim and Sport mission is to serve as a model for promoting healthy, balanced lifestyles through aquatic sports, fitness and outdoor family activity.

With the completion of the new pools at Burgess Park and a desire expressed by the City of Menlo Park to make fullest use of the facility, the opportunity for a partnership between the city and our enthusiastic group of swimmers was clear. Menlo Swim and Sport was born to provide a much-needed resource for the local community and provide a long-term partner invested in a common goal—enhancing the quality of life in Menlo Park.

Letter from Founder and CEO Tim Sheeper


I set out many years ago to build a community of people who are interested and invested in living life in a healthy, active, and energetic way. I personally wanted to interact with individuals who strive to live life to its fullest while taking on physical challenges and who enjoy working with and helping others. The sports of swimming and triathlon are what I used to start pulling people together. Over time, these sports have continued to attract people to our athletic community, but it is the personal relationships developed in the group that have kept us strong and growing. I have always dreamed of having the ability to attract more people and to share the benefits of a healthy, athletic, community-based lifestyle with a broader base. I am now fortunate to have that opportunity with Menlo Swim and Sport at Burgess Park. We aim to create a place that can be enjoyed by every member of the community and every member of your family. We offer programs that we truly believe will enhance the quality of your life, and in turn will enhance the quality of your interactions with the people in your life. I expect that our offerings and programs will evolve with time. We will continually strive to meet your needs and desires so that the dream becomes reality. I want everyone to know that Menlo Swim and Sport is here for the whole community and my wish is that it becomes a resource that everyone is proud of.

So since the community is you, Menlo Swim and Sport is for you!
– Tim Sheeper, Founder and CEO, Team Sheeper, Inc.