Lap Swim Belle Haven Pool

Belle Haven Pool

Belle Haven Pool is CLOSED for construction/remodeling until 2023. Thank you

Visit us at Belle Haven Pool and spend time relaxing with your fellow swimmers or engaging in your own invigorating workout. Lanes are dedicated for Lap Swimming every day. Because we share the pools with many programs, the number of lanes available will vary, but we always have lanes set aside for lap swimmers.

When you arrive, look for the cones designating lap lanes. We observe circle swimming when there are more than two swimmers per lane. Bring your own fins and paddles; we provide kickboards and pull-buoys.

Arrival to Belle Haven Facility
When you arrive at the facility there will be a one-way entry point and one exit point as seen on the map below.  You will then line up on the fence while following social distancing guidelines. You will be greeted by a staff member that will guide you to your lane.  You will need to arrive at the pool in your swim attire. Currently we are not able to open the locker rooms or showers. We will have 1 restroom available for you to use that will be disinfected after each use.

Entering The Pool
The pool will be set up with lane numbers. You will be given a number when you walk in. The numbers on the pool will be odd and even numbers on opposing sides.

Exiting The Pool
Our lifeguards will blow the whistle at 35 minutes to signify the end of the swim time. You will have 5 minutes to gather your things and head to the exit. There will only be one exit to the pool located in the back of the lap pool. Once getting out of the pool you will need to be sure that you continue to follow social distancing guidelines along with wearing a face-mask, our staff will be there to make sure we are all staying safe and following the guidelines.


Schedule & Pricing for Belle Haven Pool Lap Swim


Belle Haven Pool is CLOSED for construction/remodeling until 2023. Thank you