Lap Swim Belle Haven Pool

Belle Haven Pool

Visit us at Belle Haven Pool and spend time relaxing with your fellow swimmers or engaging in your own invigorating workout. Lanes are dedicated for Lap Swimming every day. Because we share the pools with many programs, the number of lanes available will vary, but we always have lanes set aside for lap swimmers.

When you arrive, look for the cones designating lap lanes. We observe circle swimming when there are more than two swimmers per lane. Bring your own fins and paddles; we provide kickboards and pull-buoys.

Safety Protocols for COVID-19

Please bring the following when Lap Swimming:
1. Already be dressed to swim
2. Towel
3. Water

Requirements to enter the pool:
1. Must have a face mask on
2. Must have temperature taken by staff prior to entering
3. Must not have any symptoms of illness

Requirements for youth swimmers: (12 years and under)
1. If reserving a lane for your child, they must be capable of swimming laps independently for an extended period of time
2. An adult must be on the pool deck right by the lane observing and ensuring safety and supervision
3. We do NOT allow parents/adults to be swimming in the lane with or next to the youth swimmer due to Covid-19 guidelines

Arrival to Belle Haven Facility
When you arrive at the facility there will be a one-way entry point and one exit point as seen on the map below.  You will then line up on the fence while following social distancing guidelines. You will be greeted by a staff member that will guide you to your lane.  You will need to arrive at the pool in your swim attire. Currently we are not able to open the locker rooms or showers. We will have 1 restroom available for you to use that will be disinfected after each use.

Entering The Pool
The pool will be set up with lane numbers. You will be given a number when you walk in. The numbers on the pool will be odd and even numbers on opposing sides.

Exiting The Pool
Our lifeguards will blow the whistle at 35 minutes to signify the end of the swim time. You will have 5 minutes to gather your things and head to the exit. There will only be one exit to the pool located in the back of the lap pool. Once getting out of the pool you will need to be sure that you continue to follow social distancing guidelines along with wearing a face-mask, our staff will be there to make sure we are all staying safe and following the guidelines.

Lane Cancellation/Rescheduling
If you know that you cannot make your lane reservation, please cancel your reservation online as soon as possible to open the spot for another member of the community. If you cancelled that reservation more than 24 hours in advance, you can rebook using that purchase at another time. There will be no refunds for lane reservations

There are no credits or refunds for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the booking.

Belle Haven Pool

Visítenos en Belle Haven piscina y pase tiempo relajante con sus compañeros de los nadadores o particípe en su sesión de ejercicios. Los carriles se dedican a nadar largo todos los días. Porque compartimos las piscinas con muchos programas, el número de carriles disponibles pueden variar, pero siempre tendremos carriles reservados para nadadores.

Cuando llegue, búsque los conos designados para carriles de nadar largo (lap swimming). Observamos natación círculo cuando hay más de dos nadadores por carril. Por favor sea cortés acerca de compartir su carril y únese a los nadadores que están a su ritmo. Traiga sus propias aletas y paletas de entrenamiento; ofrecemos tablas de natación y boya para natación.

Schedule & Pricing for Belle Haven Pool Lap Swim


January 2 – May 1, 2021

Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday/Sunday: 10:00am – 2:00pm


Adult/Youth (Ages 12+): $10 per reservation
Monthly Membership: $69/month
Senior Monthly Membership (60 years + ): $59/month

*If you have purchased a monthly lap swim and it is active as of the time of booking (not swimming), you will not need to pay any fees when reserving a lane. You must have an activation date of your membership for the day you want to start booking reservations online.

Lane Reservation
You may register for a time slot reservation through our App iPhone App for Apple & the Android App for Android or through our Mindbody website. You MUST pick a lane and reserve a time through the “Reserve A Lane” link. Each reservation is 45 minutes in length (35 minutes of swim time and a 10 minute buffer to enter and exit the facility).

Important Notes

– Limit 1 lane reservation per day per person.

– With a monthly membership you can book up to 4 swims per week (4 swims total between both locations: Belle Haven & Burgess Pools).

– “No Shows” or late cancellations (made in under 24 hours) count towards the 4 swims per week

– Lane number may change to accommodate disabled swimmers.

– Lane reservations can be booked within the next 7 days only. The 7th day (in advance) is released online at midnight.

– Start date of contract/membership is the first day that you will be able to book lane reservations at no additional costs.

– At this time, each person coming to the pool to lap swim, must have a separate MINDBODY login. There is not a way at this time to book for your family members under your account.

– After almost 3 months of sheltering in place and nice weather, everyone is eager to get back to the pool so the demand for lane reservations is high right now. If you see the below error message when trying to book, we do apologize. It will show when the lane reservation that appeared open, has been booked prior to the website updating. “We apologize, but online booking for this appointment is unavailable. Please contact the studio to book this appointment”

Check-In at Burgess Pool
Burgess Pool at Menlo Swim & Sport features a check-in system requiring either a check-in card or our smartphone app to gain access to our facilities. You can download the iPhone App for Apple & the Android App for Android users by clicking the links above.

Lane Cancellation/Rescheduling
If you know that you cannot make your lane reservation, please cancel your reservation online as soon as possible to open the spot for another member of the community. If you cancelled that reservation more than 24 hours in advance, you can rebook using that purchase at another time. There will be no refunds for lane reservations

There are no credits or refunds for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the booking.

Temporada de invierno/primavera (2 de enero de 2021 de 1 de mayo de 2021)

lunes – viernes: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
sábado/domingo: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Adulto/joven: $10 por preserva
Membresía mensual $69/el mes
Membresía mensual senior (60 years + ): $59/el mes

Si ha comprado una vuelta de natación mensual y está activa en el momento de la reserva (no nadar), no tendrá que pagar ninguna tarifa al reservar un carril.

Reserva de carril
Puede registrarse para un horario a través de nuestra aplicación iPhone App for Apple & Android App for Android o a través de nuestro sitio. DEBE elegir un carril y reservar una hora a través del enlace “Reservar un carril.” Cada reserva tiene una duración de 45 minutos (35 minutos de tiempo de natación y un búfer de 10 minutos para entrar y salir de la instalación).

*Solo se permite una reserva por día
**El número de carril puede cambiar para acomodar a los nadadores discapacitados.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do lap swim/masters reservations open?
A: Reservations are released online automatically by the registration system 7 days ahead at midnight.

Q: Why don’t I see reservations for the next week?
A: You may not be seeing the reservations for the 7th day out because of the filters on your search. If you have the “As soon as possible” option selected in your Date(s) search, the system will only show you the most immediate appointments available.

Try refining your search or just selecting the “Next 2 weeks” option in the Date(s) filter.

Q: I just bought a membership, but was still charged $10. Why?
A: There are a couple of reasons that this could have happened.

  1. You paid for the membership and the lap reservation in the same purchase. In this case, the membership had not yet been applied to your account prior to the lane reservation.
  2. You set the start date of your membership forward. The membership must be active at the time of making the booking online (not the time of the time you are planning to swim). If the system does not recognize your membership is active at the time you are booking online, you will not receive the membership benefit of booking at no additional charge.

How To Cancel A Lane Reservation

Our late cancellation window is 12 hours.

You can now cancel outside of 12 hours from your reservation time without any penalty.

When you are paying $10 per swim, if you cancel that reservation more than 12 hours in advance, you will have the ability to use that prepaid swim towards your next lane reservation.

If you have a membership with us, a cancellation done more than 12 hours in advance of the reservation, will not count towards your maximum of 4 swims per week

(Sunday to Saturday).

As soon as you know that you are not going to be able to make it to one of your reservations, please go to your schedule online and cancel your reservation so that someone else has the option to swim.

To cancel a booking online please, login to your account here.

Click on the “My Info” tab, then on “My schedule.” If your booking is outside of 12 hours, you will have the option to “Cancel.” If your booking is within 12 hours, you will have the ability to “Late Cancel.”

Unfortunately, our app does not currently allow late cancellations. You can; however late cancel on any browser.

In the event that the facility is closed due to poor air quality, our customer service staff will be early cancelling your reservations. This returns the prepaid swims to your account which you can use towards your next bookings.

You can see which prepaid swims you have available by logging into your account, going to the “My Info” tab then “Account.”

At the time of your next booking, the prepaid swim will be applied automatically.

If you have any trouble using your prepaid swims, please email our customer service staff at