Adult Swim Lessons

Belle Haven Adult Swim Lessons


Menlo Swim School is proud to offer group as well as private adult lessons. Whether your goal is to be water safe or join our Masters team, we can help you get there!

We are proud to offer swim lessons for adults of varying ability levels from beginner to advanced for ages 19 and up. Adults come to swimming from vastly different backgrounds, strengths and looking to achieve different goals. Instructors will work with each student to reach their individual swim goals whether it is just to be water safe, or join our Masters team. Adult swim lessons are 30 min long and have a maximum of three students in a group class.

Although classes can be adapted based on the unique goals of the student, instructors will generally start Beginner students with establishing the basics of water safety and understanding buoyancy, floating and breath control both in a prone and supine position. From there, we can advance through a progression that includes gliding in a streamline position and adding a propulsive straight leg flutter kick. Many adult students elect to continue to learn or improve the four competitive swimming strokes: Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, which is taught and refined in our Intermediate-Advanced class.

In our Intermediate-Advanced class, instructors teach all four competitive swim strokes, looking out for things like proper technique, maintaining a hydrodynamic body position, propulsive kicks, streamline body and proper breathing positions. Examples of advanced stroke-specific skills could include; learning bilateral breathing for freestyle, breaststroke kick, and efficient body undulation in butterfly with a proper dolphin kick.

Our Teaching Philosophy
Menlo Swim School promotes life-long fitness, healthy habits and safer families. Knowing how to swim properly at any age builds a foundation for a long and healthy life. Menlo Swim Schools works with adults to develop proper technique through focused learning hands-on in water instruction.

Our Commitment to Safety
Our number one priority at Menlo Swim School and Menlo Swim and Sport is safety in and around the pool, including water quality, lifeguarding and emergency preparedness. Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) complete a 7-point test of our pool chemicals to ensure clear and balanced water is achieved before opening each day. Our instructional pool employs a double filtration system, high rate sand filters and UV light filters, to keep our water clean and safe. All of our lifeguards are trained and audited to the highest standards set by the American Red Cross and YMCA. Many of our lifeguards hold advance certifications in Lifeguard Training and CPR/AED. Menlo Swim and Sport has retained the services of a leading environmental health and safety firm to guide our company to safer practices for our customers, staff and community.

Schedule & Pricing for Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Courses

Beginner Adult: This beginner class is for non-swimming Adults (19+ yo), seeking to learn basic fundamentals such as getting acclimated in the water, underwater breath-holding, front and back floats, glides, front and back kicks- eventually working towards Freestyle and Backstroke. / Max students: 3

Intermediate-Advanced Adult: This intermediate class is for Adults (19+ yo), seeking to learn Freestyle with breathing, refine techniques in Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and any other coaching for stroke enhancement. The Adult should be able to swim independently for half the length or 25 yards. / Max students: 3




Resident: $43/lesson
Non-Resident: $48/lesson

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