Aqua Fit: A Journey of Commitment

Aqua Fit: A Journey of Commitment

anonymous  /  February 20, 2020

A young woman, Alissa joined the early morning Aqua Fit classes in the fall of 2018.  I noticed that her participation increased quickly to several mornings during the week.  I also noticed an increase in her passion and commitment to the classes. Within 6 – 8 months I noticed that she was really transforming, as if she was wearing someone else’s workout clothes.  Her fitness endurance and strength also showed a noticeably improved. By 2019 Alissa shared with me that she had accomplished her goal of losing 100 lbs. and she had done it in 16 months with the combined practices of Weight Watchers and Water Exercise at Menlo Swim and Sport. She approached it as a science project looking at each week’s results and habits along with managing expectations. The first 4 months was learning the Weight Watcher program with a focus on food and portions. She learned that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 66 days to make it a part of your lifestyle. Moderate exercise was also promoted with the program and since she lives close to Burgess Park she decided to try the Aqua Fit classes. She quickly realized that the classes offered her a range of formats throughout the week. The Aqua Fit team of instructors coached her on the benefits of the water resistance for cardio vascular health and strength training. She fell in love with the classes and the participants who gave her support and motivation along the way.

Alissa attributes her success and health transformation to her Weight Watcher coaches along with our team of Aqua Fit instructors who motivated and educated her about exercise form, posture and body mechanics.

If you are looking too returned to an active lifestyle and want to try something different we invite you to try a variety of Aqua Fit classes throughout the week. If you are getting back to your fitness goals after surgery or an injury we have the Aquatic Wellness classes 3 times a week that will focus on your specific needs. We invite you to consider the Aqua Fit classes if you are looking for a cross training challenge that will bring fitness and fun into your routine.

– Cherie