Burgess & Belle Haven Pools Closed Until Further Notice
The Menlo Park City Council has taken emergency action and is ceasing all community services at all city facilities. Links to official city information can be found here.

Dome FAQ

Transition Year

Menlo Swim and Sport Community,

The seasons are turning, the weather is changing and year end is approaching. Traditionally, this is the time when we begin the process of constructing our temporary dome over our warm instructional pool, like we have done for the past 12 years.

This winter is going to be different. After extended deliberation and reflection we have made the decision NOT to construct the dome over our instructional pool this winter. In fact, we are retiring the dome services forever.  We want to thank all the patrons who supported us when we bravely and brashly made the choice to use a dome way back in 2007. It served our community well, but it’s lifespan has ended.

We are now in a “transition year.”

For more than a year we have been searching alongside City of Menlo Park staff to identify an alternative to the dome that will enhance our winter instructional pool usage for our multi-generational guests and become a sustainable solution for decades to come. But, the transition is going to take another year.

We request your patience and durability and encourage you to continue enjoying time with us through the winter in pursuit of commitments to personal health, learn-to-swim goals, and family bonding time.

Rest assured, we will select a pool enclosure alternative that will drastically enhance each and every users winter experience and I look forward to introducing that replacement plan sometime in the near future.

All the best,

Tim Sheeper
CEO, Team Sheeper Inc./Menlo Swim and Sport