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Menlo Aquatics Swim Team

About Menlo Aquatics

Menlo Aquatics Philosophy

Menlo Aquatics is a year round swim team which aims to create a swimming community that is extremely positive about being in and around the water. We emphasize learning sound techniques through our committed and competent coaches in a pleasant and positive environment. With a team focused  on individual success in the sport of swimming while helping athletes build their character around team and community, Menlo Aquatics athletes receive the best quality of coaching, instruction, and fun at all levels.

Menlo Aquatics Mission

To give the necessary tools and guidance to our swimmers to allow each one to become functioning, productive, and passionate members of society while pursuing excellence through the sport of swimming.

The Menlo Aquatics program is for ages 5 to 18 years, and has three main objectives:

  1. Develop and foster a desire for life-long aquatic involvement.
  2. Refine swim skills in all four strokes including turns, starts, and relays.
  3. Instill the desire to improve ability through work, experience, and technique.

We create passionate swimmers using two steps:

  1. Fundamentals — For passionate swimmers to blossom, they must have sound and solid swimming technique fundamentals. The ease and joy of water activity is enhanced with efficient body movement patterns. We will not compromise this step ever from our Swim School, lessons elite, Menlo Aquatics USA team, and the Summer Mavericks programs.
  2. Diversity — Always offering a varied and changing menu of swim activities that challenges and engages the individual to progress, develop, and evolve as swimmers.  Speed, rankings, and times are not necessarily the prime driving motivator behind our philosophy.

We strive to develop self-esteem, cardio vascular fitness as well as strength, flexibility, and balance.  By offering all these items we hope to create a swimmer whose attendance consistency is high.

We believe that if the swimmer is having fun … they will continue to participate.
We believe that if the swimmer participates … they will progress.
We believe that if the swimmer progresses … they will increase their self-confidence.
We believe that if the swimmer’s self-confidence is high … they will become passionate swimmers.
We believe that if a swimmer is passionate … they are a positive team member.

More team information, please visit our team site: www.menloaquatics.com

Questions? Please email aaron@menloswim.com

Evaluation and Registration

We offer tryouts for all swimmers at 6:30 p.m on Wednesdays starting September 1st. We do ask that swimmers have freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and a knowledge of butterfly. Once a swimmer has been evaluated, your evaluator will let you know what steps to take next.

For more team information, please visit our team site: www.menloaquatics.com

*Menlo Swim & Sport is a proud affiliate of the Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF). Talk to one of our Service Center representatives today to learn more!

*Youth Scholarships available from Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation. For more information and to see if you qualify please fill out this form. Solicitud en español disponible aquí.

Questions? Please email aaron@menloswim.com

Meet the Coaches


Aaron Burrows

Head Coach/Senior Groups
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I began swimming in the Bay Area (Ca) and really took to the sport of swimming, I loved everything about it. At the same time, I began competitively swimming at a late age and it forced me to learn fast and play catch up. I had a great coaching staff helping me along the way and eventually joined a club team when I turned 16. I absorbed as much as I could and continued to apply everything I learned to my swim encyclopedia.
I was lucky enough to walk on to a DII college team (CSU Bakersfield) and develop even more from Bob Steele and David Graves. These two coaches really inspired me to learn about the development of athletes and helping them grow in and out of the water as swimmers.
In 2001 I was offered an opportunity to begin coaching with Bakersfield Swim Club with the 10 and under group. This was such a different dynamic being on the pool deck and working with these high energy, walking, and talking sponges. I was young myself (20) and was learning more about the sport at the same time as the athletes. I began reading more and more on the development of young swimmers and just the age group in general. I had so much fun working with these kids. I continued working with the 10 and unders until about 2009/2010 when I advanced up to the 11/12 age group.
In 2011, Bakersfield Swim Club had closed its doors and I needed to move on. The planets aligned and I found a new home back in the Bay Area in Menlo Park, CA. where I currently work with a great staff, community, and group of kids. As I step foot on the pool deck every day, I remember where I started and try and bring that same, energy, effort and drive to the athletes. What I hope to achieve is  that each athlete climbs out of the pool with the same wide eyed excitement that those 10 and unders had 15 years ago.

Katie A Molinari

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Head Age Groups/Asst. Senior Groups

Katie was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She comes from a big swim family and started swimming with a summer league team at the age of 8. The love for the sport grew from there. She played soccer and water polo growing up, but swimming was always what she came back to. Katie has been coaching for 6 years, and has had the opportunity to be coached by, work for and work with some of the greatest swimmers and coaches in the country. She is excited to be part of the Menlo staff and looks forward to helping the swimmers improve and find a love for the sport, just as she has.


Melissa Joy

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Asst. Age Group Coach
Coach Melissa has always loved the water. She has been swimming since she was very young and has been a swim instructor for over 8 years. Melissa jumped into coaching Mavericks with two feet and has enjoyed (and is enjoying) every minute of it.

Melissa coaches our Level 1 and level 2 swimmers.  She enjoys working with young swimmers to build on their love of swimming and team spirit. She believes that swimming is a great sport that encompasses both individual improvements along with an awesome team dynamic. Her goal is to have every swimmer advance their swimming ability as well as their confidence… and, of course, have a great time doing it!

Caroline Foley

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Menlo Aquatics Yoga Instructor

Bio coming soon!

Leah M Torres

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Head Trainer Groups

Bio coming soon!

More information, please visit our team site: www.menloaquatics.com


Q: How do I get started?
 We offer tryouts for all swimmers at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. We do ask that swimmers have freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and a knowledge of butterfly. Once a swimmer has been evaluated, your evaluator will let you know what steps to take next.

Q: How can I register my child for Menlo Aquatics?
All swimmers who haven’t recently attended Menlo Swim School and previously been a part of Menlo Aquatics, or, who have been away for the program for six months need an evaluation! To be evaluated, simply show up ten minutes early and check-in with the Menlo Aquatics coach on the pool deck. Bring a swimsuit, towel and goggles, and have your swimmer ready to get in the water promptly at the evaluation time.
Current evaluations are held on Wednesdays at 6:30pm with coach Melissa. Evaluation times are subject to change. Once your swimmer is evaluated and approved, the coach will give you registration paperwork to complete for the Menlo Aquatics program and the paperwork for USA Swimming. You will return in the completed team paperwork and your check for USA Swimming membership to your child’s coach on the first day that you choose to bring your child to practice. You will receive an e-mail receipt of the registration transaction and welcome letter.

For further questions, please contact our Head Coach Aaron: aaron@menloswim.com

Q: Do I have to register my swimmer with USA Swimming?
Yes, we require all Menlo Aquatics swimmers to register. Registering USA. Joining USA Swimming will allow your child to swim in club meets and experience faster improvement. As a Menlo athlete, swimmers are able to join internal swim meets, held several times a year. USA Registration forms are handed out at each evaluation.

Q: Why Menlo Aquatics?
 The Menlo Aquatics is a year round swim team which aims to create a swimming community that is extremely positive about being in and around the water. We emphasize learning sound techniques through our committed and competent coaches in a pleasant and positive environment. With a team segmented into groups to meet the needs of swimmers of all ability levels, the Menlo Aquatics athletes receive the best quality of coaching, instruction, and fun. Our team follows a pattern of one swim meet, one offsite fun event (bowling, laser tag, movies) and one onsite event from stroke clinics to mini meets while offering fun things after such as ornament decorating or candy meets.

Q: How do I suspend my child’s membership?
Simple, you may follow this link and complete the online form and submit it. Please note, suspensions must be turned in before the 1st of each month for the suspension to take effect. (ie- want to cancel out of December, a form needs to be completed and submitted before December 1st)

Q: Where can I find out more information about Menlo Aquatics?
You can find out pricing and practice information on the Menlo Aquatics brochure in the Burgess Lobby or you can follow our website here: www.menloaquatics.com

Please contact our Head Coach Aaron with any more questions you may have: aaron@menloswim.com