Swim School Select

About Swim School Select Lessons

Select lessons are private (or semi-private) lessons taught by our Swim Select instructors. These Select instructors are our most experienced and requested instructors. These lessons allow for more one-on-one and hands-on time with your swimmer and allow for as much progress as possible within a 30 minute lesson per week model.


Schedule & Pricing for Swim School Select


Private lessons with our swim select instructors are offered 7 days a week, generally during less trafficked times.


Semi-Private: 30 minute Swim School Select   $51
Private:            30 minute Swim School Select   $76

Fees are charged monthly based on number of lessons occurring in the month.

Meet the Pros

Camila Guevara

Camila has been with Menlo Swim School since September of 2013. Camila is one of the most requested instructors at the pool. Camila was a competitive synchronized swimmer. You can often see her sculling with her leg straight in the air between classes. Camila is extremely comfortable teaching all levels but especially enjoys teaching butterfly because when the swimmers master the technique, they fall in love with the stroke. Camila is fun, encouraging and determined in her teaching style and enjoys helping each swimmer reach their goals by overcoming any challenges.

More about Camila: She enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, playing guitar, hiking and of course swimming in her spare time. Camila also speaks fluent Spanish!

Jenna Holden

Jenna Holden has been with Menlo Swim School since February of 2013. Jenna has a strong love of the water. She swam competitively year round for her local USA swimming league and later at the intercollegiate level. Jenna loves to be able to build the foundation for swimmers to learn to enjoy the sport. Jenna has a Bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation and is our Recreational Therapist here at Burgess. Jenna has vast experience in aquatics including coaching, and adaptive aquatics. Jenna is mellow and patient with swimmers but able to advance each swimmer, being intentional with each swim.

More about Jenna: Jenna enjoys mountain biking and cooking in her free time.

Jesse Lepe

Jesse has been a part of the Menlo Swim School team since November of 2013. Jesse is extremely caring, encouraging and patient with swimmers. Swimmers gravitate towards Jesse’s relaxed and calm teaching style. Jesse is extremely popular with more timid swimmers including adults! He takes great pride and enjoyment when Adults succeed in a skill they have struggled with. Jesse loves seeing all swimmers grow more confident and strong in the water.

More about Jesse: He enjoys weight lifting, playing basketball and riding his motorcycle in his free time.

Reza Ojagh

Reza has been with Menlo Swim School since August of 2014. Reza has been teaching and coaching in aquatics for over two decades and has a Masters degree in Physical Education. Since joining the Menlo Swim School team, we quickly realized how lucky we are to have him as an instructor here. Reza also has an amazing resume in the sport of Water Polo. Reza played on the Iranian National Water Polo Team for over a decade. After obtaining his Master’s degree, Reza has been coaching Water Polo as well. Reza excels with swimmers of any level, from beginners to advanced swimmers. Reza is concise in his direction, a little more strict with the swimmers, but is able to build a strong bond with swimmers and make each lesson a lot of fun.

More about Reza: He enjoys going to the gym and playing video games in his spare time. He also speaks Farsi!