Burgess & Belle Haven Pools Closed Until Further Notice
The Menlo Park City Council has taken emergency action and is ceasing all community services at all city facilities. Links to official city information can be found here.

About Our Swim School

Our Teaching Philosophy
Menlo Swim School promotes life-long fitness, healthy habits and safety. Knowing how to swim properly at a young age builds a foundation for a long and healthy life. Menlo Swim Schools works with students to develop proper technique through focused learning and goal oriented rewards. Year round lessons instill the habit of swimming that becomes a way of life for children as they grow through adolescence into adulthood.

Our Swim School Model
Menlo Swim Lessons are hands-on lessons focused on giving each swimmer a strong foundation in the pool. Lessons are focused on breathing, body position and developing proper swim habits. Lessons are taught by our incredible instructors in a 5 by 10 yard area of instruction that promotes a safe and technique focused lesson.

Our Commitment to Safety
Our number one priority at Menlo Swim School and Menlo Swim and Sport is safety in and around the pool, including safety in lessons, water quality, lifeguarding and emergency preparedness. Each instructor is trained in making each lesson a safe and fun environment. Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) complete a 7-point test of our pool chemicals to ensure clear and balanced water is achieved before opening each day. Our instructional pool employs a double filtration system, high rate sand filters and UV light filters, to keep our water clean and safe. All of our lifeguards are certified, trained and audited to the highest standards set by the American Red Cross and YMCA. Many of our lifeguards also hold advanced certifications in Lifeguard Training and CPR/AED. Menlo Swim and Sport has retained the services of a leading environmental health and safety firm to guide our company to safer practices for our customers, staff and community.

Our Setting
Menlo Swim School lessons are taught in the Burgess Pools in Menlo Park. Burgess Pool is part of a nine acre public open space and sports facility, and is adjacent to the Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center, Arrillaga Family Gymnasium, Burgess Skate Park, Arrillaga Family Recreation Center and the Menlo Park Library. In the Burgess Park, you will find a public playground, picnic tables with barbecues, soccer field, tennis courts and baseball diamonds.

Levels and Classes at Menlo Swim School

Please use the information below to determine your child’s level. Our Service Center Staff can also help you identify and select the appropriate level for your swimmer. Additionally, in your first lesson, the instructor can take the swimmer through our in-water progression to assess skills and ensure the class is a good fit. Lessons can be scheduled online or with our Service Center (650) 781-5525.

Schedule for Swim Lessons

Check out our lesson availability online HERE or call our Service Center at (650) 781-5525

Group Lessons
All lessons are 30 minutes in length and are held during the following hours:

Monday–Friday 9:00am – 12:00pm
Monday–Friday 2:30pm – 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday 9:00am – 2:00pm

2020 Holidays

April 12th Easter Day
May 25th Memorial Day
July 4th Independence Day
September 7th Labor Day
November 26-29 Thanksgiving Break
December 21st, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021 Holiday Break

Monthly charges are pro-rated for any missed lessons due to a planned Holiday.

Flexible Scheduling

We work with families to fit their busy schedules by offering make-up lessons, casual bookings for additional swim lessons, online swim lesson registration and the ability to search for a specific instructor and class level.

Pricing for Swim School

*Menlo Swim & Sport is a proud affiliate of the Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF). Talk to one of our Service Center representatives today to learn more!

*Youth Scholarships available from Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation. For more information and to see if you qualify please fill out this form. Solicitud en español disponible aquí.

Menlo Swim and Sport runs on a recurring billing system. This perpetual system allows your child to continue with swim lessons throughout the year, without the unnecessary hassle of re-enrolling. Pricing is based one lesson a week, with a monthly charge.

Swim School Registration

Menlo Swim and Sport offers swim lessons year-round at Burgess Pool.

Registration Info

New Families
Welcome! To register for Menlo Swim School classes follow the steps below:

1. Create an Account
2. Browse Classes and pick your lesson!

Returning Families
Use your returning account and follow the same process as above. Email us at swimschool@menloswim.com or give us a call at 650-781-5525 if you have any trouble.

Summer Sessions

Alongside our once per week, perpetual lessons, we will also be offering session lessons this summer. These are perfect for swimmers that will be going on vacation sometime in the summer or just want to really immerse themselves in swimming for the summer.

The following classes are offered: Swimming Principles, Levels, Strokes in group lessons & semi-private lessons.

There will be no administrative fees for signing up. No make-up classes will be offered for this program. You can read the rest of our Policies by clicking on the tab on the left.


Summer Sessions start Monday, June 15th

Monday – Thursday 2:30 – 4:30pm
5:00 – 7:00pm

Lessons are 30 minutes in length

Summer Sessions Weekly Schedule

Week 1: June 15-18
Week 2: June 22-25
Week 3: June 29 – July 2
Week 4: July 6-9
Week 5: July 13-16
Week 6: July 20-23
Week 7: July 27-30
Week 8: August 3-6
Week 9: August 10-13
Week 10: August 17-20


Group Lessons

Swimming Principles $96 per week
Levels $96 per week
Strokes $96 per week

Semi-Private Lessons

Swimming Principles $174 per week
Levels $174 per week
Strokes $174 per week

*Youth Scholarships available from Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation. For more information and to see if you qualify please fill out this form. Solicitud en español disponible aquí.

Browse the weeks and sign up today!


Coaches / Instructors

Our Instructors
Each of our instructors completes 40 hours of training with a master instructor trainer before beginning solo instruction. Our Master Instructors have over 5 years of experience teaching swim lessons. New instructors are cross-trained with current instructors, so all instructors are familiar with current teaching techniques and methods. All our instructors attend regular on-going training throughout the year, to develop them as instructors, swimmers and individuals and strengthen our swim lesson program.

Our Deck Coordinators
Our deck coordinator is available on the pool deck to help you get your kids into the pool on time, answers your questions, and provide support for our instructors. We encourage you to talk to the deck coordinator. We welcome your input, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions and make comments. The deck coordinator is there to take your feedback so that your instructor can focus on your child.

Our Head of Swim School

Jacob A

Meet our Swim Instructors!

Jessica V

Jessica has been with Menlo Swim School since November 2015. She joined the team with a variety of experience working with children. She quickly became a very popular instructor here at Burgess pool. She is extremely sweet with the swimmers and enjoys helping kids learn new skills and seeing their enthusiasm when they are able to master a skills. Jessica is sweet, patient and effective in her teaching style.

More about Jessica: She enjoys dancing, movies and rescuing stray animals in her spare time.

Jenna H

Jenna Holden has been with Menlo Swim School since February of 2013. Jenna has a strong love of the water. She swam competitively year round for her local USA swimming league and later at the intercollegiate level. Jenna loves to be able to build the foundation for swimmers to learn to enjoy the sport. Jenna has a Bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation and is our Recreational Therapist here at Burgess. Jenna has vast experience in aquatics including coaching, and adaptive aquatics. Jenna is mellow and patient with swimmers but able to advance each swimmer, being intentional with each swim.

More about Jenna: Jenna enjoys mountain biking and cooking in her free time. Jenna is also a Select instructor here at Burgess!

Leah T

Leah has been with Menlo Swim School since August of 2012 but has almost a decade of experience teaching aquatics instruction. Leah swam growing up and began swimming competitively in high school. Leah loves to work with swimmers who are nervous or scared around the water and build confidence and comfort in the pool. Leah is structured yet patient and creative in her teaching style.

More about Leah: Leah has her degree in Sociology from San Jose State. She enjoys swimming in the ocean, dancing and cooking for her friends and family.

Polly Berquist

Polly came to swimming late. She did her first Masters swim workout at age 35 and promptly learned  two things.  One, although water safe she didn’t know any of the four strokes; and two, swimming not only provides exercise, but also an hour of calm in the chaos of the day. Almost 20 years later, she still swims a coached workout 3x per week and particularly enjoys IM’s (a medley of all four strokes). Her teaching style is adaptable.  She likes to have fun but can be firm when needed while building confidence and skills in the water. As an active swimmer herself, she often works through student issues in her own workouts to develop different approaches to student needs.

More about Polly:  She loves an active life with her husband and two adult sons.  She swims, skis, golfs, and snorkels whenever she can.

Noel R

Noel has been with Menlo Swim School since August of 2015. Noel quickly became one of the most popular instructor because of his ability to connect with every swimmer. Noel is constantly working to improve his own (already great) strokes. Since starting here, has asked for help from other coaches and instructors and has not only improved his own technique but learned to teach the strokes even better by spending his free time learning himself.  Noel’s favorite part of teaching is interacting with the swimmers and positively impacting each individual swimmer.  Noel is fun yet focused on technique and details in his lessons.

More about Noel: He enjoys cooking and driving in his free time

Mattie T.

Maddie is a swim instructor here at Burgess. She grew up taking lessons here, and swam for Menlo Aquatics. She played water polo for two years and swam for three at Saint Francis High School. Currently, she is in college at the University of Oregon, where She swim for the club swim team. Maddie enjoys working as a swim instructor because swimming is a big part of her life, and she likes working with others and hopes that they have a positive experience with the sport.

Vienna L.

Vienna started swimming right here at Menlo Swim and Sport at about the age of 6, and later moved on to compete for the Menlo Mavericks swim team. Throughout high school, Vienna was quite active, participating in various sports like swimming, dance, and wrestling. She has been working with young kids since she was an 8th grader and has been teaching for about 2 years. Vienna has worked at many different types of kids camps in her years and enjoys working with kids of all ages. Vienna teaches because it is a great way to combine her passion for swimming with desire to teach children. Vienna loves making learning fun for the kids and using her, sometimes silly, personality to do so. She is excited to see you, and who ever is going to walk, or should we say ‘swim’, into her class.

Tom G.

Tom has been with Menlo Swim School since August of 2016. He teaches because he loves swimming (for both his club team and his high school) and he wants to share his love of the sport. Tom likes to teach the swimmers learning any one of the four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) because he can apply what he has learned from his coach to his students. Furthermore, in explaining ways to make his students’ strokes better, he finds different ways to improve his own stroke.  He likes to watch football, read, swim, and hang out with his brother in his free time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I schedule a Swim School class for my child?
Lessons can be booked online here, in person or by phone with our friendly Service Center staff. Service Center can be contacted at (650) 781-5525 with any questions or to help book you into a lesson.

Q: How do I know which level to register for?
To know which level to register your swimmer for, please check out our levels here or chat with one of our Service Center representatives at (650) 781-5525. We can help you identify and select the appropriate level for you or your swimmer. Additionally, in your first lesson, the instructor can take the swimmer through our in-water progression to assess skills and ensure the class is a good fit.

If your swimmer is under 3 years old, Waterbabies would be the recommended class to start in. No need for an evaluation.

If your swimmer is 3+ years old but has not had any swim experience, Swimming Principles would be the recommended class to start in. No need for an evaluation.

Please keep in mind that our Level titles are a guide when registering. Generally, swimmers can also register in a lesson titled one level above or below their own current level. Instructors will always teach to the individual student’s level. For example, a swimmer in Level 3 could be registered for a Level 2, Level 3 or Freestyle lesson.

Swimmers of the Swimming Principles level MUST be in Swimming Principles titled levels only. This allows for instructors to maintain a safe lesson.

Q: How old should I start my child in lessons?
Children can start lesson with the parent as early as 6 months old. Beginning early and staying consistent in your lessons prepare your child to be successful in the water and in lessons.

Q: What is the cost of lessons?
A: Lesson pricing can be found here.

Q: When will I be billed?
A: At the time of registration you will charged for the remaining lessons in the current month (fees are pro-rated) and going forward you will be charged at the beginning of every month for the entire month. Registration is perpetual and ongoing.

If you wish to stop your lesson, please cancel before the end of the month so that you are not charged for the next month.

Q: What is the annual administrative fee?
Menlo Swim and Sport charges an annual administrative fee.

Menlo Swim School charges $30 for the first swimmer, $20 for the second and $0 for any additional siblings. This admin fee is charged once per year. If you stop and restart your lessons you will not be recharged this fee.

Q: How do I schedule a makeup lesson?
Enrolled Swim School families may take up to four (4) makeup lessons per calendar year for any classes missed. Makeups must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed class. Classes can only be book within 7 days. Makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled

Make-ups can be requested online here. You can search online here to look for available slots.  Makeup lessons can also be scheduled with the Service Center (650) 781-5525. Do keep in mind if you have used all of your Make up Lessons for the Calendar year Menlo Swim School offers “Drop In” classes that can supplement a missed lesson.

Q: What if we decide to stop our swim lesson?
All registrations at Menlo Swim and Sport & Menlo Swim School are on an Automatic Billing Registration system. If you sign up for a membership, you are making a commitment for the entire month. If you would like to cancel lessons, a cancellation form must be submitted prior to the end of the current month for cancellations for the following month. Cancellations can be done online here or by completing a form in person with our Service Center.

Q: It is raining! Is my swim school lesson going to be cancelled?
Lessons continue rain or shine!  In the event of lightning or thunder, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes following the last event. If your swimming lessons are cancelled during this period of time you will qualify for a makeup lesson. Makeups must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed class.

Q: Will more swim classes open up on Saturdays in the future?
Saturdays are the most popular day at Menlo Swim School. We would love to offer more swimming lessons on Saturday, but in order to expand we would need additional pool space. Also, extending the lessons on Saturday would mean that we would have to encroach on Open Swim schedule and pool space. At this time, we feel that it is important to preserve the Open Swim time to encourage families to come visit the pool and enjoy the pool together.

Q: Can I choose a specific instructor?
You can choose a specific instructor; however, we cannot guarantee that instructor will remain the same in our group and semi-private lessons. We can guarantee that all of our instructors will provide a safe and fun environment and work to progress the skills of each swimmer in every lesson. While different instructors may have different personalities, different teaching styles, and different strengths, all instructors are well trained on our curriculum and all are great with swimmers of all levels!

Q: Why has my instructor changed?
We offer our instructors an opportunity to change their schedule a few times a year. This happens generally in June, August and January. Many of our instructors are young students whose class schedules change, or they may return home at the end of school. Instructors may also be simply moving on to another phase of their life. Swim Instruction is a great job with many great benefits, but may not be the career goal of all of our instructors.

Menlo Swim School does their best to notify you of any change of instructor as soon as possible.

Q: What days are you closed?
Swim School is closed on some holidays. Check out our Swim School holidays here

Q: What is your diaper policy?
We have a double diaper policy. All non-toilet trained children are required to wear a disposable swim diaper covered by a snug fitting reusable diaper cover. For your convenience, these are available for purchase in the Pro Shop.

Q: When does Menlo Swim and Sport offer open/family swim time?
Menlo Swim and Sport offers open swim for families. Check out schedule here.

Currently enrolled Swim School swimmers can add an open swim monthly membership for $25/month.

Q: What if my child is crying?
Children may cry for many reasons in a swim lesson. They may have some trepidations about the water or about getting in with a new person. The most common cause of crying we see here in swim lessons is usually a form of separation anxiety.

Water Babies classes are strongly encouraged for swimmers under 3 years old. These classes specifically target separation anxiety and ease young swimmers into developing a relationship with an instructor.

After 3 years, we encourage swimmers to participate in classes without parents. There can often be some crying in the first few lessons. Instructors will work with the new swimmer to calm them and end the lesson in a positive way. It is often very difficult for an upset child to focus on what the instructor is asking if the parent is nearby. The instructor or deck coordinator may ask you to observe from a place where your child cannot see you. This often allows for the child to calm more quickly. This can be a very difficult situation, but with the help of the instructors and deck coordinator, we hope to make your swimmers first few lessons the most positive experience possible.

Q: What do I do to prepare my child for their first lesson?
Every swimmer responds to their first lesson differently, and if your swimmer has never taken a lesson before we suggest that you:  visit the pool with your swimmer, allow our deck coordinators to introduce them to some of our instructors, and get them acquainted with the atmosphere of our swim school.  We also suggest that you talk to your student positively about this being “their time to swim and have fun” and that as a parent “it’s my time to watch the lesson.” This will help set your student up for a more successful first lesson.

Q: My swimmer is 3 years old, what’s next?
Now that your swimmer is 3 years old, they are ready to move into our lessons without parent participation.  At age 3, swimmers move into our Swimming Principles level to learn water safety skills, independence in the water, and continue to build confidence and comfort in the water as well as develop relationships with other swimmers and instructors. At 3 years old, swimmers are ready to create a trusting relationship with our educated and caring swim instructors.

Q: What is the difference between Pre-Comp and Swim Team?
Our Menlo Aquatics Swim Team is a year-round competitive swim team that is perfect for swimmers that are excited about joining a team atmosphere and committing to the team through meets and team activities. Menlo Aquatics focuses on technique work through drills and skills in a practice atmosphere. Find out more about Menlo Aquatics at www.menloaquatics.com

Pre-Comp is an extension of our Menlo Swim School which gives swimmers an opportunity to get a glimpse into the sport of swimming as well as offering a bridge to our Menlo Swim Team. Our Pre-Comp group is designed for swimmers to continue with proper stroke technique and begin to build their endurance and speed. Goals for this group are to become skillful in the four competitive strokes and become exposed to the rules of the sport of swimming as well as how FUN the sport is. We believe in giving opportunity for young swimmers to succeed in the sport by developing good habits, body position, and skills all while having fun!

Q: What happens after my swimmer gets their “Big Ribbon”?
First of all, Congratulations! The “ribbon ribbon” is achieved after the completion of all 4 competitive strokes and is often the goal for many of the swimmers in swim school, but there is much more available at Menlo Swim and Sport to continue to challenge your swimmer in the water. Menlo Swim School offers Lessons-Advanced and Pre-Comp which both continue to refine stroke technique. Pre-Comp also begins to build skills and drills used in the sport of swimming as well as endurance. After the completion of the “Big Ribbon” swimmers may be eligible for the Menlo Aquatics swim team or Summer Menlo Mavericks team. There are many options to continue to build on your swimmer’s stroke competency at Menlo Swim and Sport.

Q: My swimmer got a ribbon! Should I move classes?
Congratulations! Your student has advanced their swim ability and is ready to master the next sill in our curriculum. However, no need to move classes, our instructors always teach to each students specific level, and our classes set up to do so. As one student progresses within a lesson so will the others, and in doing so the instructor will transition (seamlessly) the level with which they teach.

*If your student advances well past the average skill set of their current class, it can create an unsafe lesson dynamic, and in this instance we may advise that you changes lessons to better benefit your swimmer and create a more safe lesson for all swimmers.

Q: How can I report an upcoming absence?
We very much appreciate notice if you will not be attending your lesson; however it is not necessary. Once you have missed the lesson, you can give the Service Center a call at (650) 781-5525 to schedule a make-up.

If you will not be attending lessons for several weeks for a vacation or injury. You can either cancel your lessons online or in the Service Center or you can hold your spot by continuing payment and completing a Hold Form in the Service Center. Menlo Swim School may cancel your lessons if you have not attended you lesson for 8 consecutive weeks if you have not completed the Hold Form and are not current in lesson payment.


You can start lessons at anytime. We schedule lessons up to 1 week in advance. Payment for lessons is due in full at the time of booking and fees will be pro-rated for the first month.

All payments for lessons are on automatic renewal.  You will be billed automatically on the first day of the month for the entire month. There are no pro-rated refunds for mid-month cancellations.

Registration for a new lesson can be done online or in person or by phone with our Service Center at (650) 781-5525.

Unfortunately, we cannot “hold” a class that has not been paid for.

If you would like to cancel out of your swim lessons completely, you must submit the request in writing. You can fill out our cancellation form online or in person. Or you can send us an email at customerservice@menloswim.com

Cancellation requests must be submitted by the last day of the current month to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following month.

If your membership has not been cancelled by the 1st of the month, you are responsible for the entirety of that month.

There are no refunds or credits on any swim school registrations, including the annual administration fee and monthly lesson fees. Payments are not transferable to any other programs. Mid-month cancellations do NOT qualify for a prorated refund.

Annual Administrative Fee
Menlo Swim School charges an Annual Administrative Fee of $30 for the first swimmer, $20 for the second swimmer with a family maximum of $50/family.  These fees go towards covering operating costs for our programs.

Makeup Lessons
Currently enrolled Swim School students may take up to four (4) makeup lessons per calendar year for classes missed due to life and family obligations.

Make-ups expire 30 days following the missed class. Makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled and must be completed within seven (7) days from time of request.

All makeup lessons are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee the same instructor or class type as your swimmer’s regularly scheduled instructor.

*Make-ups can be requested online here. You can search online here to look for available slots.  Makeup lessons can also be scheduled with the Service Center (650) 781-5525 or customerservice@menloswim.com

If your class was canceled due to a pool mishap or weather, you will be given an extra lesson, which is similar to a make-up class but does not expire.

*Due to space constraints, make-ups for our Pre-Competitive classes are not guaranteed.

We have great instructors here at Menlo Swim School who go through extensive training. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific instructors. Instructor schedules can change at any time.

Summer Session Lessons*
These policies are ONLY applicable for our Summer Sessions program.

Sessions are paid full in full at time of purchase. No makeups or credits for missed lessons. No annual administrative fees will apply.

Cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellation up to one month from the date of session…Full Refund
Cancellation between 4-2 weeks before the date of session…Full Credit to Account
Cancellation within two weeks before the date of session…No Credit, No Refund

While our goal is to have the same teacher for the entire session, sessions are not booked with a specific instructor. Teachers will be assigned later.

Drop-in Bookings
Casual Bookings are a one-time drop-in booking. Drop-in bookings cannot be refunded but may be rescheduled one time before the lesson has occurred. Bookings can be made no more than a week in advance. If you feel like trying out another instructor or a different day and time, you can enroll in a “casual booking” for the cost of one lesson. Visit or contact the Service Center, (650) 781-5525 or customerservice@menloswim.com, for details on adding a casual booking. Unfortunately, casual bookings cannot be booked online.

Changing Your Lesson Time/Day
Menlo Swim School allows you to change your perpetual (ongoing) lesson at any time. Rescheduling your lesson can be done in person, over the phone, or by email with the Service Center at (650) 781-5525 or customerservice@menloswim.com. Changing your current lesson booking cannot be done online.

Attendance Policy
If you have not attended your lesson for 8 consecutive weeks, your lesson can be cancelled at Menlo Swim School’s discretion. If you wish to hold your lesson, but know that you will be absent for 8 or more consecutive weeks, please complete a hold form in the Service Center. To hold your lesson, you must complete the hold form and pay for the lessons while you are away.

Sibling Discount
Siblings are eligible for a 10% discount off of the cost of their equal or lower priced lessons. The first (higher cost) child pays full price and any other children from the same family will receive a 10% discount.

Double diaper policy for water babies
All non-toilet trained children are required to wear a disposable swim diaper covered by a snug fitting reusable diaper cover. For your convenience, these are available for purchase from our Pro Shop.

15 Minute Sunscreen Rule
Menlo Swim and Sport requires that swimmers apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to getting into the pool, and that they use the restroom prior to our lessons. This allows us to maintain optimal cleanliness to our facilities.

Open Swim
Menlo Swim School tuition does NOT cover any other services at the pool including the use of the Baby Pool or Open Swimming. These must be paid for separately. Currently enrolled Swim School swimmers can add an open swim monthly membership for $25/month. Please contact the Service Center at (650) 781-5525 for more information.