Adult Swim Lessons

Menlo Swim School Adult Lessons

Menlo Swim School is proud to offer group as well as private adult lessons. Whether your goal is to be water safe or join our Masters team, we can help you get there!

Our Teaching Philosophy
Menlo Swim School promotes life-long fitness, healthy habits and safer families. Knowing how to swim properly at any age builds a foundation for a long and healthy life. Menlo Swim Schools works with adults to develop proper technique through focused learning hands-on in water instruction.

Our Commitment to Safety
Our number one priority at Menlo Swim School and Menlo Swim and Sport is safety in and around the pool, including water quality, lifeguarding and emergency preparedness. Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) complete a 7-point test of our pool chemicals to ensure clear and balanced water is achieved before opening each day. Our instructional pool employs a double filtration system, high rate sand filters and UV light filters, to keep our water clean and safe. All of our lifeguards are trained and audited to the highest standards set by the American Red Cross and YMCA. Many of our lifeguards hold advance certifications in Lifeguard Training and CPR/AED. Menlo Swim and Sport has retained the services of a leading environmental health and safety firm to guide our company to safer practices for our customers, staff and community.

Our Setting
Menlo Swim School lessons are taught in the Burgess Pools in Menlo Park. Burgess Pool is part of a nine acre public open space and sports facility, and is adjacent to the Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center, Arrillaga Family Gymnasium, Burgess Skate Park, Arrillaga Family Recreation Center and the Menlo Park Library. In the Burgess Park, you will find a public playground, picnic tables with barbecues, soccer field, tennis courts and baseball diamonds.

MSS Adult Levels

Adults come to swimming at many different levels. We are proud to welcome adults entering at any level and work with you to reach your swim goals

Adult Beginner
Goal: 15 yards of Freestyle; comfortable floating in a prone and supine position; can comfortably glide in a streamline position; demonstrates propulsive straight leg flutter kick; and can tread water for 30 seconds.

Adult Intermediate
Goal: 50 yards of Freestyle, 25 yards of Backstroke, propulsive Breaststroke and Butterfly kicks; comfortable Freestyle for 50 yards with side breaths, straight leg kicks and proper body position; comfortable Backstroke for 25 yards with straight arms, proper body position, straight kicks; Breaststroke kick with knees inside of heels on whip action kick, ankles flexed, propulsive result; beginning dolphin kick with both legs undulating simultaneously resulting in forward propulsion.

Adult Advanced
Goal: 100 yards of Freestyle, 50 yards of Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly, prepared for Menlo Masters; Bi-lateral breathing, strong flutter kids, and proper sculling for 100 yards of Freestyle; Proper body position, propulsive kicks, streamlined body and proper arm strokes for all four strokes.

Schedule & Pricing for Swim Lessons

Menlo Swim and Sport runs on a recurring billing system. This perpetual system allows adults to continue with swim lessons throughout the year, without the unnecessary hassle of re-enrolling throughout the year. Pricing is based one lesson a week, with a monthly charge.

Lessons are weekly. Start anytime! We work with adults to fit their busy schedules by offering make-up lessons, one-time bookings and easy online swim lesson registration.

Group Lessons
Group lessons are 45 minutes in length with a student to teacher ratio of 3:1

View our schedule and register online or with our Service Center in person or by phone at (650) 781-5525.

Student-to-teacher ratio 3:1
Monthly cost per 45 minute class $145

Private Lessons
Private “Swim School Select” lessons are 30 minute in length and are one-on-one.

View our schedule and register online or with our Service Center in person or by phone at (650) 781-5525.

2018 Holidays

July 4, 2018 Fourth of July
September 3, 2018 Labor Day
November 22 – 25, 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday Break