Tennis Lessons

About Tennis Lessons

Menlo Swim & Sport is proud to partner with Kim Grant Tennis Academy to provide tennis lessons for all ages in the Menlo Park community. Our partnership strongly believes all children should have an equal opportunity to explore their talents and motivations through sports. There is one central element to everything we do with our Junior students: to teach and inspire. We teach your children do develop their tennis talent and inspire them to foster their motivations; both in tennis and in life in general.

Whether your child is interested in tennis recreationally, aspiring to become a professional player, or anywhere in between, we are committed to helping each student get the most out of their tennis experience in a fun and positive environment.

We do not measure our success as an organization by the number of trophies our students win or by the number of children that are enrolled in our classes. We measure our success by the number of smiles on their faces, by the sportsmanship shown to competitors, by the positive remarks about our Coaching Staff and by the motivation to improve as a player and a person.

Below are some of the basic tenets that are ever-present in our Junior lessons we have to ensure your children are getting the most from their time with us:

Customization – students learning at their own pace
Engagement – plenty of physical movement
Challenge – promoting risk taking & experimentation
Camaraderie – students motivation one another
Laughter – students enjoying themselves and their classes!

Class Descriptions

Red Ball Beginner

Our beginner red ball program is the core introduction to Tennis. Our Beginner curriculum includes many fun & challenging games that teach and reinforce skills, and make our players aware that they are learning and progressing. Our goal is for beginner players to gain confidence and knowledge for them to move onto our intermediate programs with a strong base of tennis skills and knowledge.

Level Highlights
Players aged 6-8 years old (Based on USTA Player Pathway Points)
Clinics follow a structured curriculum
Core introduction to tennis
Individual goals are set
Students begin playing points
Player progress evaluation is completed per season with an accompanying certificate handed out to each player and their parent(s).


Level Highlights
Players aged 9-13 years old
Players have little to no tennis experience
Not yet able to rally more than 2-5 balls consecutively
Not yet able to serve consistently or with the full motion technique
Have yet to learn scoring, slicing and footwork


Level Highlights
Players aged 9-13 years old
Players have foundational technique and training
Able to rally 10 balls consecutively
Able to serve with placement and direction
Basic foundations of volleys, overheads and slices

Schedule & Pricing – Winter 2022/23

Winter Season
November 14 – February 19, 2023

Schedule: Winter Season

Red Ball Beginners: Ages 6-8

Tuesdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Thursdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Fridays 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Beginners: Ages 9-13

Mondays 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Intermediate: Ages 9-13

Wednesdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm


Red Ball Beginners Tuesdays: 14 Lessons $777
Red Ball Beginners Thursdays: 13 Lessons $722
Red Ball Beginners Fridays: 12 Lessons $666
Beginners Mondays: 10 Lessons $555
Intermediate Wednesdays: 11 Lessons $610

2022/23 Holiday Dates (No Clinics)

Christmas Break December 23-26
New Years Break December 31 – January 1, 2023

Private Lessons:
Please reach out directly to our instructor team at: or 650-690-0678.

Lessons for children and adults are available 7 days a week based on schedule openings and options vary in both length of time (30min, 45min, 1hr, 1.5hr, 2hr) and type of lesson (Private, semi-private with 2 players and small group with 3-5 players).

High School Group Lessons
Offered Mondays through Fridays at 5-7pm and 7-9pm. The level of play varies from Beginner through high Intermediate tennis, so if you are interested, please reach out to our instructor team at: or 650-690-0678, so that your can child is placed in the best group for their current tennis level.

Meet the Pros

Kim Grant

Kim Grant is a former professional tennis player with 18 years of experience on the professional tour. While on the tour, she gained a reputation as an excellent match strategist, and she coached other professional players while still competing herself. Kim uses her diverse, international tennis experience to develop innovative instructional training methods for each of her students, helping to qualitatively improve skill and fitness as rapidly as possible.

Kim had a long, accomplished career on the WTA & ITF tours, including victories over the following Top 10 players in the world: Jennifer Capriati (#1 in 2001), Cara Black (#3 in 2002), Elena Likhotseva (#4 in 2002), Caroline Vis (#7 on 2000), and Nicole Arendt (#8 in 2000). Below are some more highlights of her playing career:

Competed in all four Grand Slam events for 6 years in a row
Represented South Africa in the Federation Cup Tournament in 2000
Invited to represent South Africa in the 2003 African Games
Won 10 professional titles
Reached a career-high ranking of #70

Kim has coached all over the world, starting with coaching fellow WTA professionals during her playing career. She is a certified instructor (including WTA, and USTA certifications)  in 6 different countries. Her unique ability to evaluate a player’s strengths and weaknesses and  her wealth and variety of coaching experience has helped her guide hundreds of players to new heights in their careers.

She has coached two players who were ranked in the top 50 on the WTA tour: Surina de Beer (#49) and Seda Noorlander (#40). Also:

Has coached numerous junior players to national rankings in South Africa, England, and the United States.
Constantly helping players to gain college scholarships.
Began coaching private lessons in the Bay Area in 2005.
Opened Kim Grant Tennis Academy in 2008, developing all of the training programs therein. Within one year, KGTA had a client base of 800 students and expanded from 5 courts in 2 locations to 28 courts in 6 locations.
Coached the KGTA Junior Team to victory in the 2009 Stanford Junior Team Tournament.

Coach Sean

While working on his degree, Sean founded the Gonzaga Club Tennis Team and went on to coach at the recreational, club, high school, and college level. He enjoys helping players of all abilities increase their consistency, confidence, and composure out on the court. Sean is also a member of the United States Racquet Stringers Association and actively maintains his knowledge of racquets and strings in order to help players find the best combination of equipment to play their best.

Coach Enrique

Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, Enrique has been involved in tennis his whole life. From playing at a university level at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico to teaching tennis at the Odyssey Club in Cancun, Mexico to being the Tennis Director at the Puerto Adventuras Golf and Tennis Club and the Hotel Robinson Club, Enrique has done it all.

Enrique coaches using drills, games, and live-ball situation and improves the strategy and tennis ability of the players along the way. He encourages students to develop their mind and body and develop the consistency that is required to compete at any level of the sport.

Coach Emma

Emma has been with Kim Grant and her academy since the beginning. Emma started with Kim Grant Tennis Academy as a player and earned top junior rankings in Northern California. Emma represented Kim Grant Tennis Academy at the 2008 Orange Bowl and has a 2008 Junior Sectionals Doubles title to her name. Currently, even though Emma is a coach at KGTA, she is embarking on a professional career – playing many International Tennis Federation Tournaments.

Coach Valeriia

A Ukraine native, Coach Valeriia came to the US on a full tennis scholarship, playing number 1 singles and double at Purdue University of Indianapolis. Coach Valeriia joined us after assistant coaching for University of South Dakota’s Division I Women’s Tennis Team. On top of her successful tennis and coaching career she also has a master’s degree in Kinesiology & Sports Management.

Coach Valeriia welcomes all levels of players as her drive to coach tennis stems from her love of the game.

Coach Joshua

Introduced to tennis around the age of 9, Coach Joshua enjoyed it from the start. Coach Joshua said: “I loved to compete and see the results of putting in hours of hard work of training and practicing paying off in matches.”

Besides playing competitively as a junior, Coach Joshua also played for his High School Varsity Team and then for the SJSU Men’s Club Team. Coach Joshua has a background in Child Development and has taught Mathematics at local middle schools.

He is USTA certified and has coached tennis at various tennis clubs in the Bay Area, USTA Summer League Teams, as well as been a coach for a middle school tennis team in Cupertino before joining the KGTA Team.

Coach Joshua’s passion for tennis and drive to help shape players into the best versions of themselves on court and off court makes him a great addition to the KGTA Team.


ALL players of all levels must sign-in before attending any clinic or lesson.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your scheduled lesson time.
Late cancellations or “no shows” will be charged the full-service price for the lesson.
Cancellations must be done in writing: email us at or call at (650) 781-5525
Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) will require a doctors note or official document as proof of emergency cancellation.

For Clinics
All prepaid clinics cancelled by the player within 24 hours in writing to due to any reason, can be made up within the respective season (please include your requested make-up dates in your cancellation email).
Clinics cancelled due to weather can also be made up within the respective season – please email to request make-ups.
If you fail to schedule and complete your make-ups the remaining lessons will be forfeited.
Make-ups are scheduled according to availability.

We Do Not Offer a Refund Policy
All prepaid services, clinics and camps are to be used up in full within the allotted time period. Unlimited makeups are allowed within each registered season for lessons cancelled in writing within the 24 hour time frame or due to weather. Therefore no refunds or credits will be issued.

Clinic Policy
Each season must be paid in full at the time of registration in order to secure a spot in the clinic. Space is limited to ensure high quality (Minimum of 3 players is required for the clinic to take place).

Cancellation due to illness, travel or any other reason will be excused and eligible for make-up ONLY if Menlo Swim & Sport is notified 24 hours in advance in writing. Please include your requested make-up day in the email.

Make-ups can be scheduled any day of the week that the lesson is offered given there is space available. This must be completed prior to the end of the season. These make-ups do no roll-over to the next season.

Booking Policy
Any service bookings made within a 24 hour window of time cannot be completed online. Please email your request to or call (650) 781-5525 and your reservation request will be promptly responded to within office hours.