Aqua Wellness Pro


Aqua Wellness Pro offers personal training to address pain, injuries, chronic physical aliments. It can compliment or continue after physical therapy. Sheralee will assess and guide participants toward better performance and confidence in the water as well as improve balance, strength, fitness, function and wellness. Some participants prefer ongoing lessons while others seek a referral to the group classes that best meet their needs.

Consider the Healing Power of Therapeutic Exercise In Water

Therapeutic exercise in water is a highly regarded approach to rehabilitation. Water has many therapeutic properties that make it a superior healing environment. Warm water  (87 degrees) reduces pain, softens muscles, and improves circulation. Water’s buoyancy off loads body weight from the spine and major joints, naturally creating space between bones, allowing for pain free, more comfortable movement. Hydrostatic pressure of water against the body optimizes healthy venous return, lowering blood pressure, while enhancing the efficiency of heartbeats without stress to the heart.  The natural resistance of the water during movement slows and supports the body in motion, improves body awareness and in turn improves safety, later this resistance provides opportunities for balanced all body strengthening.  Water therapy is versatile and is recommended for those facing a wide range of health conditions, injuries and chronic illness.

Customize and Personalize Aquatic Therapy with a Private Lesson

Aquatic therapy is very helpful for rehab of chronic disease, poor balance, falling issues, difficultly walking, and chronic pain. Consider on- going private lessons, to address your health issues, mobility challenges and water safety concerns.

Expect to acquire better mobility, flexibility, balance, gait, posture and body alignment, body awareness, strength, cardio vascular health, all while enjoying the process. Past participants have returned to work, their sport, prevented falls, stopped using their cane or walker, postponed surgeries, rehabbed from surgeries, and improved the quality of life.


Monday – Friday. Lesson times are individually scheduled based on client’s preference in coordination with lane availability.

We recommend booking a private lesson prior to participating in the Aquatic Wellness Basic class, as, classes are taught to address the experienced student, and a new student may need some support.  A private lesson will bridge the gap; teach you proper technique, while assessing what skills you need to move forward with confidence and independence.

Email Sheralee directly for her availability or call/text her at 650-305-9100.


30 minutes $48
60 minutes $84
Purchase 6 lessons in a pack for a discount


Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes in length

All lessons need to be booked 48 hours in advanced. Any changes to the schedule must be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.

No makeups.

Payment is due upon verbal confirmation and prior to lesson attendance. Credit card information provided at the time of registration will be processed upon registration. In the case of declined charges, you will be invoiced for the amount due plus a fee of $25.00.

Credit card payments will appear as a charge from Menlo Swim and Sport.

All lesson payments are final and non-refundable.

All checks should be made payable to: Menlo Swim and Sport.

Meet the Pro


Sheralee Beebe

Sheralee Beebe is highly regarded multi-national aquatic therapy expert with 25+ years of experience. She is passionate about the healing properties of water therapy as an adjunct to modern medicine. Originally from Canada, Sheralee has been active in Canadian and American Aquatic Therapy Organizations and is a sought after speaker and conference workshop facilitator. Sheralee’s education and professional certifications include:

1984 — BA in Recreation/Physical Education from Lakehead University in Ontario Canada

1996 – 2018 –Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certified.

Past – Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certifications from AEA, CALA, Speedo, SCW

1996 -2018 Burdenko Method Certified,

1996-present:  Body Work and Massage Certifications for land and water:  Watsu, Wassage, and Jahara, and Aqua-Stretch. Body Therapy Center Advanced Techniques Massage Cert.

Elective Post Graduate  and General Education: Medical Exercise Specialist, Aquatic Personal Training,   Coaching Theory, Ai  Chi, Chi Gong, Basic Yoga, PNF, Bad Ragaz, Gait Retraining, Nutrition, Anatomy Trains, Geriatrics, reflexology, therapeutic touch, sports injuries, Reike Certification 1&2, Therapeutic Touch, reflexology, cranial sacral, healing breath work, Mindfulness based stress reduction

Experience Summary:  In diverse settings, Sheralee has successfully worked with clients challenged by chronic pain, arthritis, Inflammatory and neurological conditions, orthopedic injuries, joint replacements, head and spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s, MS, metabolic disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, circulation issues, fitness issues.